Serve your Nation like RupalBen Rakesh Rajdev & be an inspiration!

About RupalBen Rakesh Rajdev

Being a spouse of Mr. Rakesh Rajdev – a man of goodwill and well-wisher of his nation, RupalBen Rakesh Rajdev is also a social worker and a businesswoman, inspiring a lot of youngsters of India. 

She is the director of two high-profile companies in India, registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). One is Roma Kristo Jewels Private Limited, while the other is Roma Kristo Ventures Private Limited, at Ahmedabad. Because these are trading companies, so RupalBen Rakesh has been working as a trader. And thus be a helping hand along with Rakesh Rajdev. 

Rupalben Rajdev

RupalBen Rajdev’ Featured Activities

RupalBen Rajdev has also a deep insight into the social structure of the country, just like her husband – Rakesh Rajdev. She has always stood along side-by-side to him in all walks of life. At Dwarka, both run a 3-star hotel namely – Roma Kristo Hotel. Besides, her active participation in charity and welfare ventures is also another remarkable activity. Her philanthropy for Kanuda Mitra Mandal made this organization is among the leading NGOs of India, where almost all aspects of society are being served. 

We are living on a planet where rights and duties are uneven as distributed. But being responsible citizens of India, we have to contribute to uplift our society to be a sign of integrity.

(Rupalben Rakesh Rajdev, Director, Roma Kristo Jewel PVL)