Companies Run By Rakesh Rajdev And Rupalben Rajdev

Rupalben Rajdev is the spouse of Rakesh Rajdev. Rakesh Bhai Rajdev is a man of good will and a well-wisher in society. He is also a businessman and works as a social worker as well. Rupalben Rajdev is the spouse of Rakesh who is a successful business woman and a philanthropist too.

She is the director of two-high profile companies in India. These companies are located in Ahmedabad and are registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). One of the companies is namely Roma Kristo Jewels Private Limited while the other company is Roma Kristo Ventures Private Limited. Since these two are trading companies Rupalben Rajdev also work as a trader.

Apart from running the businesses she also offers a helping hand along with Rakesh Rajdev.

Both Rupalben Rajdev and Rakesh Bhai Rajdev have recently started businesses located in Dubai.

APM Intl DMCC – This company offers various precious metals products such as gold and silver. One can get 100 grams of gold bars, 10 Tola Suisse gold bars, 250 grams of minted bars and many more metals with the utmost purity.

APM Capital – This company offers online trading platforms such as MT5 for their clients offering the fastest transaction with minimum latency.

APM Bullion – This company offers a chance to trade physical gold and silver bullion trading company which is located in Dubai.

Courtyard by Marriott – This is a five-star hotel which is opened ina collaboration with Marriott namely Courtyard by Marriott, Batumi in Georgia.

Apart from these companies both of them run a three-star hotel namely Roma Kristo Hotel, Dwarka. This is a famous hotel which is often visited by elite-class family members and celebrities. Also, it’s a popular choice among pilgrims and travellers.

Rakesh Rajdev and Rupalben Rajdev also run a social welfare organization namely Kanuda Mitra Mandal through which they take many social welfare projects to uplift society.

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