Rakesh Rajdev

Know About Companies Run By Rupalben And Rakesh Rajdev

Rupalben Rajdev, the spouse of Mr Rakesh Rajdev, is a remarkable individual who shares his dedication to social work and nation-building. Besides being a businesswoman, Rupalben inspires many youngsters in India through her endeavours.

Rupalben holds the position of director in two renowned companies registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) in India. One of them is Roma Kristo Jewels Private Limited, while the other is Roma Kristo Ventures Private Limited, both based in Ahmedabad. As these companies are involved in trading, Rupalben actively works as a trader.

Additionally, Rupalben provides valuable support to Rakesh Rajdev in their businesses located in Dubai. One of these ventures is APM Intl DMCC, which offers a diverse range of products to clients, including 100 gm gold bars, 10 Tola Suisse gold bars, 250 gm minted bars, 1-ounce Suisse gold pendants, 5 gm Suisse gold bars, and Al Etihad gold bars with exceptional purity.

Another company is APM Capital, which provides online trading platforms like MT5 to clients. This platform ensures swift transactions and minimal latency, enhancing the trading experience for their customers. APM Bullion is a trading company which offers physical gold and silver bullion located in Dubai. Through this venture, they contribute to the precious metals market, catering to the demands of investors and enthusiasts in the region.

Beyond their business endeavours, Rupalben and Rakesh have collaborated with Marriott International, Inc. to establish Courtyard by Marriott, Batumi, a prestigious 5-star hotel located in Georgia. This hotel operates under a license agreement from Marriott International, Inc., offering world-class accommodations and services to guests.

Rupalben Rakesh Rajdev’s dedication to social work, coupled with her achievements as a businesswoman, sets her apart as an inspiring figure in India. Her role as a trader and support system for Rakesh demonstrates her commitment to their joint ventures.

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