Rakesh Rajdev

Rupalben And Rakesh Rajdev – A Selfless Couple Who Inspire Many People

Rakesh Rajdev and Rupalben Rajdev are true philanthropists who have been working tirelessly to support needy people and families in society. Both of them support several families in society with care and love.

Rupalben Rajdev and Rakesh Bhai Rajdev are running a social welfare organization namely Kanuda Mitra Mandal. She is a working lady who has dedicated herself to the welfare of the society. With mutual coordination with Rakesh Bhai Rajdev, she is running the social welfare organization. They have supported a large community of students, labourers, medical professionals, families and people.

Especially they supported the people during the COVID-19 outbreak. During the difficult times, Rupalben Rajdev stood side by side with Rakesh Rajdev from all walks of life. This couple is a shining example for many people in the country. They share their wealth and time for social welfare.

They showed exceptional generosity in distributing the wealth for the betterment of needy people and families. This has truly left many people spellbound in the field of social welfare. Their selfless act of kindness is a true inspiration for many people. Regardless of any circumstances, they support needy people and families in many ways.

Both Rupalben Rajdev and Rakesh Rajdev act selflessly and are truly kind-hearted people. They dedicatedly work towards social welfare. They have a great team who support vulnerable individuals during the time of crisis. Both of them understand and recognize the need of people and families and why they need the most.

With the social welfare activities they took towards the Kanuda Mitra Mandal, one can understand the deep commitment they have towards social welfare and community service. During the global pandemic time, they created a positive impact on the lives of many people.

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